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Published 11.10.2018

DAS-K - highly efficient single-stage mold dehumidification

The new generation of Eisbär DAS-K adsorption dryers was developed especially to prevent condensation on cooled molds in the most efficient manner.

The DAS-K system features continuous, quick drying of the process air using an adsorption dryer.

Due to the closed process air circuit, there are no restrictions in relation to ambient conditions or low mold temperatures.

The user-friendly design as well as the easy maintenance characterize the system. The continuous drying process, low energy consumption and long service life are further key advantages of the system.

The Eisbär DAS-K adsorption dryer—the highly efficient system solution for preventing condensation water on cooled molds. Water marks and other quality-degrading effects are a thing of the past! More than 500 DAS-K systems are in use at our customers all over the world every day.

The Eisbär DAS-K adsorption dryer ensures the highest efficiency in production, with low maintenance at the same time—an all-round carefree package.


  • No refrigeration (protection of the environment).
  • Process air drying using reliable adsorption drying.
  • Closed process air circulation—continuous, quick drying process.
  • No restrictions in relation to ambient conditions or dew point.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Additional energy optimization by means of optional dew point control.
  • No cooling water required (system without chiller).
  • User-friendly design.
  • Clear indication of all operating data.
  • Easy maintenance.