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Published 11.10.2018

Plug & Dry - all-in-one material dryer for low material throughputs

The Eisbär all-in-one material drying system Plug & Dry offers numerous advantages while at the same time requiring less space than conventional drying systems.

Space for positioning and installing a material drying system including drying hopper, material conveying system as well as pipework is expensive and often limited. Eisbär Plug & Dry is a space-saving, compact all-in-one material drying system.

The energy-efficient compact Plug & Dry module for drying PET granulate and flakes consisting of a material dryer, drying hopper and material conveying system offers numerous advantages. The highest efficiency with low material throughputs (50–200 kg/h) while requiring less space compared to conventional drying systems, as well as low maintenance effort are the key features of Plug & Dry. Due to the closed process air circuit for the material drying, there are no restrictions in relation to ambient conditions. The user-friendly design as well as the easy maintenance characterize the system. The continuous drying process, low energy consumption and long service life are further key advantages of the system.

The Eisbär compact module Plug & Dry ensures the highest efficiency during material drying combined with a lower space requirement compared to conventional drying systems, with low maintenance at the same time.


• Suitable for material throughputs between 50 and 200 kg/h.
• Low space requirement.
• Electrical connection only.
• No cooling water.
• Low energy consumption.
• Additional energy optimization due to optional dew point control.
• User-friendly design.
• Clear indication of all operating data.
• Easy maintenance.
• WLAN connection to mobile devices possible.